Give Online

When you give online, you’ll be able to choose from three areas to give to.
   Tithes (General Fund), Building, or Missions (ie. Faith Promise).

You can choose QUICK GIVE for a one-time donation through a Debit Card – using your VISA card, connected to your bank account, or a Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard).*

Or LOG ON & GIVE using your TFNaz Community Login, to access your family profile in the church directory and setup a recurring donation using a Debit Card/Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard) or an ACH/Bank Transfer – using your bank routing & account information.

{Church Community Builder uses the high grade 256-bit SSL encryption certificates for access to all user data and user logins, and processing financial transaction data.}

As always, you can give by cash or check in our normal offering. Please make checks payable to Twin Falls Nazarene.  Thanks for supporting the mission of TFNaz, to reach a growing people with the message of Jesus Christ.

*A word of caution when using a credit card (VISA credit card, MasterCard) for two reasons:
1. We don’t believe it’s right to give into debt.  If you have trouble making your payments or can’t seem to remember when to pay off your credit card, you should not use it to tithe.
2. There are greater fees associated with giving by credit card.  Debit card fees range from .5 – 2% while credit card fees range from 2-5% per transaction.