What We Believe

We Exist to Help Generations Find and Follow Jesus Together

Reaching the Lost: Jesus came to find and restore the lost.

Personal Disciplines: Time with God puts everything in perspective.

Significant Relationships: Life is better together.

Relevant Worship: Come to the altar — the Father’s arms are open wide.


We value the authority of the Bible. Therefore, we accept it as God’s Holy Word given to us as our rule for belief, our moral code for living, and our source for preaching and teaching.

We value sincere, earnest prayer. Therefore, we seek a personal, continual communication with God. Prayer is an essential element in coming to know God and receiving His power and direction for our lives.

We value inspirational worship. Therefore, we purpose to bring all generations together into a personal and shared experience of the presence of God by offering our praise, adoration, and devotion to Him.

We value genuine Christian Community. Therefore, we are committed to knowing and loving one another. This commitment is best expressed and nurtured through small group relationships of encouragement and accountability.

We value servant leadership. Therefore, we are seeking to fully surrender to God our time, talent, and resources, striving to live lives devoted to Christ-like service.

We value all people. Therefore, we encourage and support Christian missionary evangelism, education, and compassion at home and around the world.

We value ministry excellence. Therefore, we seek to honor God by giving Him our best in all we do. We commit ourselves to unity, quality, and faithfulness.


If you’d like to know more about Nazarene’s, including our Articles of Faith and founding as a denomination, we encourage you to check out nazarene.org.