Pastor Search

As of May 19, 2019, Pastor Dave Mowry will be taking a position in Spokane, WA as the District Superintendent for the Northwest District Church of the Nazarene. Because of Pastor Dave’s departure, we are on the search for a new pastor. This page will be periodically updated with news as our church board works alongside of our District Superintendent, Pastor Scott Shaw, to find our next pastor.

May 1, 2019

Dear Twin Falls Church of the Nazarene,
We are incredibly grateful to Pastor Dave and Melissa for sharing their lives with us, investing in us, and leading us over the last 7 years. Although we are sad they are leaving, we know they are pursuing God’s call in obedience. We, too, desire God’s will for this church and believe that God is already preparing us for what He has in store for us next. To this end, below outlines a few important updates to be aware of.
The search for a new pastor has begun. This is a formal and structured process governed by the Intermountain District of the Church of the Nazarene. As such, the entire process is overseen and facilitated by the District Superintendent, Scott Shaw. Our church board recently met with Scott to review the steps involved and officially start the transition. It is important to note that Scott will be intimately involved in providing ongoing support and guidance to the church board throughout the entire process. While the main goal is to find and onboard a new pastor, the church board is already taking steps to ensure continuity of operations, maintain financial stability, and minimize disruption to ministry and support services. More details will be shared as developments occur. Please be in prayer as we seek God’s clear direction.
SUNDAY, MAY 12 – During services on Sunday, May 12, we plan to take a love offering for Pastor Dave and Melissa. This is a great opportunity to help us express our deep gratitude and appreciation to Dave and Melissa for the investment they have made in this church.

SUNDAY, MAY 19 – May 19 will be Pastor Dave and Melissa’s last Sunday with us. Immediately following the evening service on May 19, we will have an informal time of fellowship, eat some cake, and fill a basket with cards. We will also present the love offering to Dave and Melissa to celebrate our journey with them. Please join us for a time of celebration, bring a funny (or serious) card, and enjoy some cake as we send them on their way.

In Christ,

Twin Falls Nazarene Church Board

October 23, 2019


To the congregation of Twin Falls Church of the Nazarene,

Author and researcher, Brene Brown, has said, “In the absence of data, people will make up stories.” I suppose that is true. It is a natural human tendency that when we don’t know what is going on, we tend to fill in the gaps to what we think might possibly be going on.

I realize the pastoral search is a lot of NO INFORMATION and that can be so frustrating. Unfortunately, the candidates we look at have their own congregations that they come from and they want things kept confidential until they are at a certain point in the process.

In addition, the process for searching tends to be slower than we would like. After we let the District Superintendent know that we needed a pastor, he needed time to gather up some potential candidates to review. Then, the Nomination committee needed time to look at the resumes, listen to sermons and then meet with each other. Candidates were then selected to participate in an interview via Skype. After that, the committee needed time to pray and ponder the decision.

After prayer and consideration of the candidates who were part of the Skype interviews, a candidate was selected and contacted to move forward in the process with us. One of the candidates felt led (after a period of prayer) to come and meet our board for a face to face interview. Just as the previous parts of the process took time, it took awhile to book plane tickets, make accommodations, etc.

Once the candidate arrived (a couple weeks later), the board met with them and then they went home and prayed — as did the board — all of which took time. After about 1 1/2 weeks, the candidate let the District Superintendent know that they did not feel that this was what God was calling them to. That happened fairly recently and we want you to know they were VERY complimentary of how they were treated by our church board.

Since that time, we have looked at another candidate and are in the process of meeting them face to face. Just as the process up to this point has taken a considerable amount of time, this face to face meeting is scheduled out a little bit due to their busy schedule as a current pastor of a church. Thanks for your continued interest and prayers.

Carol Layne, Church Board Secretary