NYC 2019

Nazarene Youth Conference is coming in July 2019 and you don’t want to miss it! Check out this page for everything that you will need in preparation for NYC 19.

What’s NYC? Check Out this Video to Learn More

Our NYC preparations are underway! It all begins with Step 1 in the Registration Process. To begin registration, click on the link below. A $25 deposit is required to begin registration. Our online form requires the $25 deposit, so if you have already paid your deposit another way, then you need to register on our paper form which is available on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings in the gym.

If you’re interested in going to NYC with TFNaz, then you need to have a couple documents in your possession. First, is our NYC Handbook. It outlines the requirements and the preparation needed to go to NYC. The second is our Service Log. If you want to go to NYC with TFNaz at our reduced rate of $525, then you are required to log 100 hours of church or community service. You’ll need the Service Log to document those hours.