Missionary of the Week

Scott and Emily Armstrong – -Panama – Click Here

Gary and Penny Sidle – Zambia – Click Here and Here

Chris and Cherie Rieter- North Boise CTM – Click Here and  Here and Here

Joseph and Ree Sumi -Ukraine – Click Here

Children’s Mission Book of the Month 

Where in the World Is H. F. Reynolds?  by Donna Manning

A biography of Hiram F. Reynolds, a boy who overcame many obstacles, gave his life to the Lord as a young man, and became a great leader who impacted the missions program of the Church of the Nazarene in the early years of the denomination.

Check out a Children’s Mission Book in The Hangar.

Adult Mission Book of the Month

AFRICAN VOICES II by Mark and Nancy Pitts

African Voices II continues the fascinating glimpses into the lives of Nazarene leaders from Africa—both current and future. You will meet Nazarenes who left their jobs and professions and risk their lives to share the gospel. You will be inspired by the level of commitment of these passionate and courageous Nazarene leaders in Africa.

Check out a Mission Book at the Mission table in the foyer.