Event Details

Sunday Worship
Every week on Sunday from 12:00a to 11:45p
Organizer: Barb Nelson
  • We have 3 worship services on Sunday 9am...11am...6pm
  • All of our services are the same 
  • Our desire is that you sense the presence of God in our services and discover a community you would like to be a part of
  • Currently, all services are being held in the gym on the tfnaz campus.  We are setting up our seating in strategic ways to support our social distancing objectives. We will not be using paper bulletins.  Restrooms will be open and cleaned throughout the day.  The outside of the building will be used as our foyer.  
  • Children and teens will be with their families during the worship services
  • Worship services will remain available online (YouTube and Facebook)

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